10 Luxuries I Gave Up To Have Another Baby (And what I absolutely WILL NOT give up to have more)

Wow… it has been a long time since I’ve blogged anything. Something that has been on my mind recently and a question I get asked often, so I felt its time to address it. This is one of those areas where I can tell you what I do- but I’m not you, and I have no idea what your personal finances look like. I also know that everyone is different and I can’t claim that this post is even going to help you… but I figured, people want to know, so here I go.

Here is a general list of things I have given up, in order to have more kids. Its not a list that YOU should copy, but I hope it inspires those of you who want more kids, to maybe take a look at your own life, and what you might be able to sacrifice.

A few years ago I really really wanted a fourth baby. But my husband was really worried about provisions. We were really tight as it was and we had three kids under five. Here are some things I came up with to help save money.

  1. Designer Clothing – Shopping- Before I had kids I was pretty young, but even after my first kid I was still wearing designer jeans and I loved shopping for myself. I imagined myself being a  young, cute, hip mom with some kind of career. But after a while my priorities shifted. It wasn’t hard for me to stop shopping at Nordstrom, but eventually I gave up shopping for myself all together, unless absolutely necessary. Usually once a year I’ll buy a few things from Ross. And by a few I mean like… 2-4 items. If I’m really in need of something immediate, I go to the thrift store.
  2. TV. Yeah… we went without TV for a long while after we had our third kid. We didn’t even have Netflix back then either. We watched DVDs of shows (that we borrowed from people or bought cheap), and basic 5 channels. Hey I learned to cook a lot back then since all we had was one food channel and the news. Haha.
  3. Diapers. We saved a good amount of money by cloth diapering our second and third kiddos. We used both disposables and cloth, and it worked for us.
  4. Meat. I know this one sounds weird but, to save money we often made meals without meat. A lot of people already do this these days for personal reasons. We did it to save money. We still ate meat but  we just tried to cut it out of certain meals. Actually come to think of it, THEZMAKER Never even knew I was doing this. I kind of just did it and he complained for a while about some meals not being “complete” but eventually he got used to it.
  5. Paper towels, paper plates, paper napkins, laundry soap, etc. Anything we didn’t NEED and I could make myself, that’s what I did. So I started making my own laundry soap. I stole borrowed this recipe from the Duggars. Say what you want about them, the recipe works. I refused to buy any paper products… and we saved a little bit of money.
  6. Buying kids clothing. Listen, you do NOT need to buy your kids a sixty dollar dress. I literally can’t believe how much kids clothing costs these days. How many moms are sitting around wondering how they can afford to clothe another baby because they just bought their toddler a sixty dollar dress, and with shoes and leggings they’re looking at spending a Benjamin… GO TO THE thrift Store! People… I  promise you, your child will look EQUALLY cute in a 5 dollar outfit. They will out grow it in a few weeks. Don’t spend your hard earned cash on these things.
  7. Getting Pampered. Now, every once in a while someone gives me a gift card to the salon and Im so excited. That’s a real treat to me since I gave up buying it for myself years ago. I  know if you are going once a year that’s no big deal, but if you are like some women I know and going every month or every WEEK, you should maybe rethink how often you’re going to the salon and getting these treatments done. This also goes for facials, waxing, non essential massages, hair appointments, and nails. You don’t need it- you don’t.
  8. Beer, Soda, Wine. I gave it up and I never looked back. I can’t say the same for my husband who loves beer during game season, but for me those extras could be for special occasions only. Now I never ever drank coffee- but for a LOT of women that is a huge spender. Every time you get a coffee that’s like 8$. Do that math. Yikes!
  9.  Gym Membership. Lets just be honest, how often are you going anyway? LOL. I’m just teasing because for me it was easy peasy to give this one up. I can work out at home if I really want to, not having a gym membership isn’t going to stop me.
  10. Monthly subscriptions. You know like magazines, and makeup, and food delivery services… that Fit Fab Fun box is really not worth it. I promise.

So I hope this didn’t sound too preachy… I’m kind of matter of fact in my writing and speaking for that matter. Let me know if this inspired you to give up anything in your life that is adding up big time in the spending category.

Now, one more thing… I will never give up my faith in God. Because no matter how much I downsize or change in my budget- ultimately HE is the one who provides for us… and I trust that he will continue to to so. I also know he calls me to be a good steward with my money. We need to do our best in order to provide for the children he gives us.

If you have questions or comments about your personal situation I am happy to answer them either on social media, or via private email. I am passionate about the fertility God has granted me, and I want others to see there is always a way when you trust him.


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