And 10 Things I do, Just To Save Money


If you read my post yesterday about Luxuries I Gave Up to have another baby, this is a piggyback off that post. These are just things I do to be thrifty… that have also helped us save money.

  1. Never spend more than 5$ on a shirt or pants, or dress. When I go to target I look first at the clearance racks. Those little red tags are my friend. The cheaper the better. I look until I find the price I want to pay. Which often times is around $3.50 or under for an item. Look at more than one store, price compare… look for deals!
  2. I save glassware. Spaghetti sauce jars, and fruit… flower vases people have given me. I save them all. I buy food in glass jars on purpose so I can save them. I also save the big tubber ware from Costco cottage cheese and yogurt to store leftovers in.
  3. I get everything used. Our entire 14 person table and chairs was from Craigslist. I got the table free… (it was a business conference table) and the chairs are all mismatched. No one has ever complained, I think my food makes up for it and they just want somewhere to sit down. *he he he*
  4. I save clothing in the garage… (And in boxes… and in closets…) At one point I had two bins of shoes. I finally got rid of them at a garage sale. For stuff that still going to work in the future though, I keep them. A lot of times that little kids jeans, jackets (I buy unisex anyway), tennis shoes (chucks are always unisex), bibs, blankets, bed sheets (I buy white so it doesn’t matter), you name it. Zachary my five year old is using a backpack this year that Zeke used in Kindergarten because we got him a new one with a gift card, but there was still tons of life left in his.  Actually that’s something else I do:
  5. Buy unisex items. Things that will work for girls or boys. Socks, bed sheets, etc. It saves money not to have to buy something for girls and something for boys. They don’t care.
  6. Stop buying juice. Water is free peeps. I only buy juice now for special occasions! (Mimosas anyone?) Your kiddos and you for that matter, really don’t need juice.
  7. Eat Eggs, and oatmeal! Two super good for you, filling foods that don’t break the bank. And actually, get some chickens! 🙂
  8. When I plan events I try to save as much money as I can. We have a lot of birthday parties and things like that. I use things I already have instead of using paper products when possible. I invest in things like chargers, a cupcake tier and cake stand, that can work for any theme. I also borrow things from friends and family, and I use the Buy Nothing groups on Facebook. One time I was low on funds and I was able to get almost everything I needed to do a spa party for one of the kids for free. I was so blessed and I plan on reusing them for another party here soon.
  9. I don’t let my kids order grilled cheese. Ha ha. This one is kind of weird but, so many places have grilled cheese on the menu. It costs less than a dollar for a grilled cheese sandwich that I can make at home… if we go out and i’m spending $5 a kid for a meal, they are going to make it worth it.
  10. Buy the same groceries every week. This one has taken some time to get down but its probably the best one. I have it down to a science now and I know exactly what were going to buy. That of course has been shaken up due to our converting to Orthodoxy and being vegan during fasting periods… but in general buying the same things each time keeps you from buying things you wont eat, and don’t need.

costcoI hope this list helps you think about some more ways you can save money!!



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