Number Four

Well, I’m sure everyone knows I’m pregnant by now. πŸ™‚ Of course I wasn’t really ready to tell the world, THEZMAKER was excited to tell his parents, and then mine, and yeah… one thing led to another and its out there. I’m feeling okay except for some puking here and there, and some nausea, but I figured out if I eat every twenty mins and keep my stomach full I don’t feel sick.

Here is our little baby:



Zeke’s 3rd birthday!

Well, I haven’t updated in over two months! WOW! I’m sorry about that. Life has been busy!

Zeke had his third birthday party and it was a Buzz Lightyear/Toy Story Theme. Here are some pictures from that.

Had a pizza planet sign made from a local sign place, for 40$.

We rented a bouncy house, from a local place. It was 400$ but the only entertainment we had, and it ended up raining so it worked out.

He did eat and ruin part of his cake before the party started, and I had to have emergency re constructive surgery on the cake. It worked out well though and it was a great time. He had so much fun. It was really hectic with about 40 people in the house, but it was so worth it.



Happy Anniversary To My Husband

Today is our fourth wedding anniversary. Going on Five YEARS of marriage. I can’t believe it. It has been such a trip. I’m reminiscing today so here are some pictures of our journey over the past 4 years.

Zoey is born

What a Great Daddy

The kids at our first home

Our Son

Us Dedicating Zeke at church by pastor Al

Mamosas on Christmas Morning


Our Wedding Day

I love my family so much!
Onto another wonderful year!


Catching Up…

Well I’m catching up. Today was quite a busy day, I have some pictures. This week I haven’t really had much time to blog so here it is in a nutshell.

Sunday, THEZMAKER and I went out to dinner. We actually missed a wedding by accident, and since we were dressed up we decided to go out for drinks. Here is a picture of me with some Sangria. Was pretty darn good.

Monday I had my third Wilton class, and we made cupcakes. I decorated mine with a few flowers we learned in class. The “Shaggy Mums” (ones that look like cookie monsters face or something…) are weird. We did the star ones, and the ones I did off the cupcakes looked much better then that one. Oh well. It was fun.

Zaynah had her second soccer practice. So far she has had three practices and is liking it a lot.

Tuesday, I took the kids to the park. There was a sprinkler going because it was so hot. I think it was only 80-something but for us Seattle-ites, its pretty hot. The kids really enjoyed that.

Today, I spent the day cleaning out the garage, and cleaning up the weeds in the front little strip of dirt we have. I’m going to turn it into a garden of some sort, but I am adding some edging. Zoey was “helping” me with the rocks. She just really loved throwing them out onto the driveway and putting them back again.


I will try to update more later this week. Tomorrow is our 4th anniversary. πŸ™‚

Water Fights & S’mores

The weather has been wonderful here in Washington. According to my iPhone it got up to 80 degrees today. I believe it. We played in the backyard with the kids in the pool and sprinkler. Although, the hubs didnt get out of bed until noon today and that was pretty much only to eat. He spent the remainder of the day on the couch not feeling well.Β Here are a few pictures from yesterday’s smores. We were outside in the yard for a bit but then I started to get eaten by mosquito’s so we came in.


I better get to bed, its after midnight and morning comes quickly.

Baking Central!

Its been baking central at my house. My hubby bought me a new KITCHENAID mixer, and of course I must use it at LEAST once a day! πŸ™‚

Here are some things I’ve been making with it.

And some other wraps and sandwiches just because.

Of course, everytime I turn around, Zeke is eating one of my creations off of the counter or the table. Haha. You’ve gotta be quick or that kid will eat EVERYTHING.

I’m going to try to make mini pies today so hopefully I will get around to posting that.