SANTA IS CONSOLIDATING THE WORKSHOP– An Open Letter To All of the Awesome Parents, From Santa This Christmas Season

Hello everyone! As an official Elf from the North Pole, I have been asked to relay a message from Santa himself to all of the wonderful, amazing, parents this year before Christmas comes. I hope this letter finds you well! So, without any further dely, here is your letter:

Dear Parents,

Ho Ho Ho! And Merrrrry Christmas!

This year I’ve been watching you and your children, and my goodness they have been good little children haven’t they. I know you have had a stressful year. You’ve gotten into some online arguments about the election, and you’ve had stress at work. Maybe you’ve even had some trouble paying your bills. I get it, after all, I am a toy maker now, but when I was alive on earth I was just St. Nicholas of Myra. Okay, actually I was pretty well off, but I ended up giving all of my possessions away to poor children. Which brings me to the reason for writing you this letter. 

My intention for this season has always been bringing joy to children. I know how wonderful it is to see the joy on their faces, and when they get just what they’ve been hoping for, its like magic. It is amazing for me, too. However, lately my workshop has kind of gotten a little chaotic. I used to make simple toys like balls and dolls, and leave coins in the stockings of the poor children so they could buy food and pay for things they need, and now I’ve received requests from children all over the world for things I simply cannot make in my workshop any longer. My elves are tired of working overtime and even though they have a great union, I’ve seen the taxing work they are doing trying to complete one million Hatch-able eggs before Christmas. So here’s the deal. My wife and I have discussed this and I think what were going to do is shut down the workshop and go back to our old traditional ways. Were going to make dolls, and balls, and small toys. We will make a few games and we’ll give some movies. We will go back to putting oranges in stockings and chocolate under the tree. We might even leave a little bit of cash on Christmas Eve in the grown ups socks. That being said, you know its just not fair that your son might not get what he wants because I can’t make it- but here’s the thing, we CAN work together to make your child’s dreams come true. You can get your child that hatchable egg in one of my affiliate workshops like Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, or any other store that sells the item your child is looking for. We can work together to make your child’s dreams come true… but if you wouldn’t mind, let them know the gift came from you. You see, that way, I can be sure that every child around the world will get a gift from me that isn’t extravagant, yet sends the message they are loved. After all, is it really fair that on the day after Christmas, some children are sad that Santa brought their cousin an XBOX 360 but they only received a pair of shoes from me? So here’s what I’m asking, I’m asking you to tell your kids the deal. Santa is only making small presents now. When you go to my helpers at the mall, let your child know that they can ask for something small, but that any big presents theyll have to take up with you or grandma and grandpa. That doesn’t mean they wont get the gift they ask for this year, because I’m sure as parents YOU would like to take the credit for that, wouldn’t you? So go ahead parents, and grandparents. Go ahead and get them the gift you wanted to. Stop letting Santa get all the credit for your thoughtful hard work. I’m really busy this time of year, and I think this season is getting harder every year for me and my elves. I know that you’ll understand, that telling your child no, is part of life, and that if they cant get that new next best thing, that maybe it will be next year. Santa will still bring them something, but it might not be in the budget this year to get THAT specific thing. No one wants to disappoint their child on Christmas, and if that happens because of this shut down, I truly am sorry. But for those of you who are able to get your child what they want this year, WONDERFUL! They will be thrilled. If not, please know that I love your child and I don’t want someone else’s child to get something better than what your child is getting, nor do I want to overwork my staff just to make that happen. I hope all of you awesome parents out there will understand that this is such a hard thing for me to send to you. After all, I know some parents really rely on Santa to bring presents that they cannot afford. I am sorry if you are in that position. Maybe this would be an opportunity for you to show your children the humble reason for the season. Again I wish you an amazing Christmas and Happy New Year. Together we can make Christmas Great Again. Sorry, I had to throw that one in. Ho Ho Ho!

With all the joy of the season,

Jolly Old St. Nick aka. Santa


Thanks for reading the letter Santa has sent to you. I’m simply an elf sending along the message. Make sure you let all your parent friends know this year, Santa isnt making any big toys and electronics. Thats on you mom, and dad! Lets make sure little Susie in class isnt getting something way cooler than the child who isnt getting anything. And most importantly, lets make sure every child gets something for christmas. Reach out to those in need who cant afford toys for their children. Do an angel tree, or gift something to the shelters. Please, if you are a parent in need, seek out your local Buy Nothing Group on facebook! Neighbors are amazing and there is an Elf in every neighborhood!

God Bless You!


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