Zaynah’s Top 11 Children’s Books {Recommended For Your Child}

Hello Zingy Moms!
This is Zaynah!

I would like to recommend a few book titles to your child. These are age appropriate books for children 0-11+.

The titles are in order from my least favorite to my favorite.
Please enjoy, and make it a point for these novels to go on your bucket list!
11|  Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White
A young pig named Wilbur and a spider named Charlotte become friends and try to
save Wilbur from becoming bacon. (Ages 6 and up, but older than 8 may get bored from
lack of action)
10 |  Every book ever written by Roald Dahl 🙂
Explorer giants, magic, chocolate factories, and MUCH more! (all ages!!)
9|  Little Women, Louisa May Alcott
Middle-age to teenage girls learn important life lessons. (9 and up, girls)
8|  Aliens on Vacation, Clete Barrett Smith
A young boy visits (unknowingly) his grandma’s hotel for aliens. (10 and up)
7|  White Fang, Jack London
A part-dog wolf cub grows up without love and with cruel people, until he meets a good
person. (6 and up)
6|  The Call of the Wild, Jack London
A pampered dog is stolen from his rich master, and learns to master the ways of un-
pampered life.
5|  Warriors, Erin Hunter
A cat named Rusty ventures beyond his backyard and meets wild cat clans who
constantly dispute, and he finds out terrible secrets about the most loyal warriors of
Thunderclan. (ten and up, multiple seasons of the series including The New Prophecy,
Power of Three, Omen of the Stars, etc.)
4|   Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Rick Riordan
Percy’s life has never been normal, but then he finds out he is a half-blood- a
descendant of the Greek gods. Then he finds himself on a quest to Hades’ realm to
return Zeus’s master lightning bolt before the summer solstice. (8 and up) *see also:
Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase
3|  Michael Vey, Richard Paul Evans
A young boy who has electric powers discover that there are others like him and- what
can I say- goes on an adventure. (11 and up)
2|  Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling
A boy named Harry, who has lived with his hateful uncle, aunt, and cousin his whole life,
discovers he is a wizard and goes to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (8+
for the first three books, 10+ for the last four) * if you have not read this already, you are
missing out on an entire amazing universe, Muggle!!!
1|  Wings of Fire, Tui T. Sutherland
Set in the world of dragons called Pyrrhia, a young dragonet Clay and his four friends
are featured in a prophecy to save the world from a three-side-war. But Clay and his
friends, when threatened, choose freedom instead of fate- and leave the mountain
where they’ve been raised since eggs. (8 and up) This is my favorite book series EVER,
so READ THIS OR ELSE. Just kidding, nothing will happen to you except you’ll miss out on one of the best series ever.
If you have a younger child just learning to read, one of my siblings and I’s favorite book series has been Junie B Jones by Barbara Park.
Anyway, those are my picks for your child! I highly recommend them!
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Signing out for now, Leave me a comment, what are your favorite books?

One thought on “Zaynah’s Top 11 Children’s Books {Recommended For Your Child}

  1. I would have to agree on many of your choices! I have one trade (Brooke) and one non reader (Aidan-he’s coming around very slowly). So I might have to try these books for him but I’ll definitely expand Brooke’s library with a few of these selections! Feel free to offer more if you have more any time! 😄 Great writing Zaynah

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